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Carmen Court 

1st Avenue & Emerson Street, 

Carmen Court

     On the corner of 1st & Emerson, Denver   

Carmen Court, located next to Hungarian Freedom Park, sits along the historic Speer Boulevard Parkway and Cherry Creek. Built in 1925, the unique multi-family complex designed in the Pueblo Revival Style includes a broad expanse of open-space and mature trees in front of the L-shaped structure, creating a strong connection to the Park and an unusual village-like feel that is one-of-a-kind.

Like other areas of Denver, the Speer neighborhood has seen numerous demolitions in the last few years causing the loss of many moderate-level housing choices and the loss of our physical and cultural heritage. 

If you would like to preserve Carmen Court,  please sign the online petition to encourage the adaptive reuse of Carmen Court Petition Here

  In late March, the City posted a public notice of an application to demolish Carmen Court. Texas-based developer, Hines, has a contract to purchase the architecturally significant Carmen Court, and three other homes to build a 9-lot, five-story, "luxury, boutique" memory-care and assisted living facility on these sites.


Denver residents with a lifetime of experiences, such as developers, architects, preservationists, and neighbors, are coming together to support the preservation of Carmen Court. There has been an explosion of support on social media and over 260 people have signed on to help save this unique multi-family building by joining Friends of Carmen Court.

Historic research revealed just how significant Carmen Court is based on its architecture, history, and contribution to Denver’s heritage. Based on this research, concerned neighbors with expertise in the field, submitted a nomination to the City to designate it as a  Denver Landmark.  The good news is that on August 4, 2020, Denver’s Landmark Preservation Commission voted unanimously to confirm that Carmen Court meets the criteria to be a Denver Landmark, and has forwarded the recommendation to City Council. 

A public hearing at City Council has been scheduled for November 2.  If City Council agrees with the recommendation, Carmen Court becomes a Denver Landmark, thus saving it from demolition. 

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​     Please write to your city council representative to express your support to preserve Carmen Court. (


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"Carmen Court has always been a magic place for lovers  of Denver neighborhoods.  It sits with such grace on a perfect spot a little above Cherry Creek. Our city needs more signature, enduring buildings..." - A.M. Saunders

“I have always admired this wonderful structure, it’s siting, architecture, and the impact it has on Speer!” – Chris M.


“It’s a staple and a much-loved building” – Ali K.


"The neighborhood is the business of all of the neighbors.  We have a responsibility to each other to respect the beauty and integrity of the neighborhood." - Malcolm M.


“These apartments are one of the many charming, beautiful properties that should remain standing.”

– Sue B.

“Our neighborhood has lost an enormous number of homes that contributed to the character of the neighborhood. But none has risen to the historic significance of this property.” - Lisa P.


“This historic building and land add to the character of the neighborhood” – Aubrey H.


“To mention it is to draw an “Aah!” from many. What a shame it would be to lose it!” – Terry G


“It's a source of much-needed therapy every time I drive, bike, or walk by there” – Jaime J

"Always one of my favorite pieces of architecture in Denver. Hope it stays undeveloped. Maybe someone will save it like they did the Mayan Theater." - Ward


"I have lived in Denver for 45 years and have seen many beautiful, historic and architecturally significant buildings demolished and replaced by schlock. When will it end?" - Jerry

"I've always loved that place. The exterior adds immense historic ambiance to the city, especially on that corner which parallels Speer Boulevard." Lynn J.

"The historic and graceful Carmen Court rests harmoniously on Emerson, adjacent to the unique Hungarian Freedom Park running along Speer. Together, they emit a sense of place to passersby that has been innately satisfying for many years. It would be unconscionable to demolish one of the last grace notes along Speer, which sadly is being lined with soulless highrises." Chris F

Denver has a very special building that is threatened with demolition. We're working to preserve it.
(Friends of Carmen Court)
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